After 20 years of experimenting, I’ve finally decided to package and make available some of the natural products I normally give out as gifts. I have read that you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. That may sound a bit extreme to some, but it IS possible. In fact, my whipped shea butter creme is edible, though I’m not quite ready to grab a spoon and go for it, but feel free!

For now, I’m keeping the line simple, so that I can keep the ingredients simple. I use very simple packaging as well. I’m aware that lots of people are suckers for fancy packaging, but I’m a bigger fan of quality ingredients. For example, most shea butter cremes that you find in stores only contain 5%-15% shea butter, but mine contains 80%! Shea butter is an amazing emollient, especially for harsh winters, dry skin, or skin that’s gotten too much sun. It absorbs beautifully, leaving no residue.

Don’t wait! Start feeding your skin with healthy, nourishing products. Please click on my Etsy page for ordering. If you live locally (Cambridge or Somerville, MA), email me and I’ll send you a coupon code for free shipping. This way, you can pick it up at my art studio in Somerville.



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